Video Rooms in Nassau


Find the best meeting room for any meeting, interview, training day or conference

All video conferencing rooms can be booked by the hour, half or full day. Each supplier is rigorously tested to ensure their equipment is of a high standard, an onsite technician will be on hand to take care of your meeting.Enjoy our video conferencing nassau

£ 274/ hour

55 Balfour Avenue & Charles Vincent Street, Nassau

IP enabled | H239 | Capacity: 8
Room: 1

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£ 184/ hour

601 Brickell Key Drive Suite 700, Miami, 33131

IP enabled | Wifi | Capacity: 4
Room: 1

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£ 184/ hour

201 South Biscayne Boulevard 28th Floor, Miami, 33131

ISDN enabled | Capacity: 8
Room: 1

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£ 155/ hour

701 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1550, Miami, 33131

IP enabled | HD | H239 | Capacity: 8
Room: 1

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£ 171/ hour

One Biscayne Tower, 2 South Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 2250, Miami, 33130

IP enabled | H239 | Wifi | Capacity: 12
Rooms: 3

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£ 162/ hour

, Philadelphia, 33131

ISDN enabled | Capacity: 15
Room: 1

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How Eyenetwork can help you find the best meeting space

Organising meetings, interviews, conferences and training days can be a huge hassle. It’s hard enough to bring people together, let alone arrange the venue logistics.

Let us take that pressure off you.

We’ve got a growing network of over 10,000 meeting rooms for multiple purposes across Nassau - with everything from a 2 person interview space to a 500 person conference room. We’ve also got a charismatic team with years of experience in organising meetings and events that are tailored to your needs.

Whether you require Wi-Fi, flipcharts or catering, we help you arrange the right on-site facilities - and we’ll get you the best rates too.

You bring the people and arrange the agendas,
we can do the rest.

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