Video Conferencing Designed for Education

Video technology will begin to play a key role in school education. It is vital that these education systems adapt the curriculums to enable children and young people to learn in a medium that is relatable and engaging – this is why at Eyenetwork, we offer video conferencing for schools and teachers that will transform learning and encourage governing bodies to adapt curriculums to better reflect a more tech-friendly society.

How Can Video Conferencing Help Students in School?

Video conferencing in schools can open a huge range of opportunities for students to learn about topics first hand, talk to topic experts face-to-face through cloud rooms, arrange virtual school trips to glaciers and volcanoes etc.  Video technology offers a straightforward, engaging and up to date form of learning which will help familiarise younger generations with tools they’ll inevitably use in later life, all whilst improving engagement rate in class and improving grades.



Secure &

Take advantage
of our secure encryption
and confidential video connections.

Student – Expert
Q & As

Invite topic experts
to talk to your class personally and utilise
their skills and knowledge for your lessons.

Increase Class Engagement

Improve class engagement
through an exciting medium
they are more familiar with.

Benefits of Video Conferencing In The Classroom

Experts In The Classroom

Imagine a scientist delivering a lesson from their laboratory or business leaders asking for help with decisions from the boardroom.  Face-to-face conversations with industry experts doesn’t just help to develop communication skills, it also adds relevancy, value and excitement to lessons.


Visit an active volcano, glacier or space station, all whilst saving money and increasing the frequency of engaging and inspiring field trips. Students could also visit world-famous museums, landmarks and educational spaces. Transitioning some of the field trip experiences to video would also cut costs for parents allowing families a little more breathing room with their budgets.


Keeping a large classroom of students engaged isn’t always simple. In an ever-increasing technologically advanced society, students tend to engage better with tools they’re used to using in their everyday life such computers, iPads, video etc. Therefore by incorporating video in the education of young people, it is highly likely that engagement will also improve for key subjects.


Not only will the sharing of recorded seminars, 1-2-1 expert Q & As and field trips be available to share from classroom to classroom, but the more online learning that take place, the more networks are created. Children will be educated at a faster rate, but we will future-proof their ability to work in a tech-focused world where video communication is becoming common-place.

Allow students to learn in their own time

Give students decisions and opportunities that encourage them to learn in their own time. Video sessions can be recorded for students to watch at home or when they choose, before undertaking corresponding tasks in school with the teacher on hand. Taking this approach allows students the ability to access learning material whenever best suits their individual needs and maximises the value of quality classroom time. We see this as a way to remove the barriers of the traditional classroom and instead, open the door for students to learn from anywhere at anytime.






Cloud Room Example


Administrate Your Online Classroom Easily

  • Lock / unlock your video room
  • Invite new pupils, experts or participants
  • Edit the layout of your video lesson during the call
  • Record your lesson
  • Control audio & video for all attendees


  • Reduce Expenses
  • 100% Security & Confidentiality
  • Individual can use any device, anywhere
  • Concierge team on hand to help
  • Future-proof learning

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