When is CVP used?

CLoud Video Platform useage is increasing as courts across the UK are asked to adopt this emerging technology to reduce backlogs and allow courts to continue operating


The usage of Cloud Video Platform across the UK has increased dramatically following 2020. It has already been integrated into the UK judicial system, where it commonly falls to a magistrate, judge or panel as to whether it should be utilised for particular cases. However, towards the end of 2020, a huge backlog of postponed court cases led a much larger adoption of the platform.

Still falling to the judge or magistrate to make the decision as to whether to use CVP or not, it will be more likely that this technology will be used for court attendances. In our CVP resource hub, we have an easy to-follow instruction guide on how to connect.


Why Is CVP A Step Forward for the Judicial System?


Accelerating the adoption of technology

The Cloud Video Platform enables the UK judicial system to embrace technological progression and offers the adoption a faster, smoother system to cope with a faster-paced society.

This technology allows all parties in hearings to take part from secure, remote locations – offering a solution to tackle the backlog of cases postponed in 2020. Magistrates and crown courts in England and Wales can continue to run secure hearings and ultimately provide an easier solution to make sure justice continues to be served.


Protecting vulnerable witnesses

The adoption of CVP can, in many cases, help vulnerable witnesses give evidence safely and confidently, without the stress or worry of seeing or speaking to the defendant or their family.

In some situations, if provided with a secure and reliable connection, the user can join the Cloud Video Platform from the comfort of their own home – providing they adhere to the rules that the court lay out for CVP hearing.


Reducing expenses

Travel costs, parking costs etc. are all drastically reduced, if not in most cases, redundant.


Speeding up the court process

Faster hearings, drastically reduced instances of lateness and the ability to mute and unmute users by the court; all increase courtroom efficiency.



Concierge for CVP

Users may not feel comfortable setting up or connecting to the CVP on their own. In this case, Eyenetwork offer a concierge service where we will connect you to the CVP securely. This is a great service for those who may be less tech-savvy or simply require reassurance that they have successfully connected. 

Important Notice

If you are planning on connecting to the Cloud Video Platform, we strongly advise you to test your audio and video prior to the date and time of your hearing. This will help provide you with peace of mind but also ensure any connectivity or audio/video issues are fixed in advance. 

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