Eyenetwork Concierge Service

your dedicated eyenetwork technician will assist you in setting up your video link – allowing you to focus on the task at hand

Concierge For CVP Users

Eyenetwork understand the increasing demand in CVP usage and with that, the technical issues that can arise from a newly integrated technology. We offer a concierge service specifically for CVP to ensure your connection is a quality one and to provide you with peace of mind before, during and after your court appearance via the Cloud Video Platform.

Our concierge service can include:

  • Testing with witnesses prior to hearing through CVP platform
  • Testing with court(s) prior to hearing on the CVP platform
  • Call monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Live direct CVP support during your call




Other Eyenetwork Concierge Services

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a seamless experience whilst using our video conferencing solutions. The Eyenetwork Concierge service is designed to ensure your court video link, home link, CVP or cloud room is functioning perfectly and that you feel comfortable in navigating the simple interface.

We encourage clients to utilise our concierge team as it allows you to focus on the matter at hand, whilst we provide you peace of mind, ensuring everything is set up and working correctly.

Our technician will set up your video call for you, ensure your video and audio is working correctly and then leave you to complete your video link privately and securely.

Get in touch with us for information on how our concierge team can help

HOw does the service work?

If you’ve decided that you’d like to take advantage of our concierge service, you can expect the following:

  • Eyenetwork Concierge will set up your call
  • We will conduct a test call with you 24 – 48 hours before your court hearing
  • On the day, we will ensure the hearing is connected
  • Our technician will exit from the call allowing you to complete your video link securely & in complete privacy
  • Should you require any additional support during the call, simply call Eyenetwork & our concierge support team will be there to assist you.

Our concierge is here to guide you through the process and should you need any further information or which to speak about the concierge in more detail, please feel free to get in touch.

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