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We have connected to over 645 prisons worldwide this year

Only 3 simple steps to connect

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Our Prison Bridging Services

Connect TO your Defendant AT any Prison

We can connect you to any prison in the UK and around the world either from your offices, your laptop, PC or where required you can choose one of 3000 dedicated video rooms in over 115 countries. Allowing you to communicate more easily with your client before, during or after a court hearing.

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Need to connect a Prison to a Court?

Our prison link service includes connecting prisons to courts. We can connect to courts & prisons either on the Vodafone network or on their own independent network. You can book our service for one off ad-hoc connections or on a monthly contract.

Looking to connect to a prison’s video room or booth?

Utilise our bridging service
To connect on IP or ISDN to your chosen prison.

All prisons with video link facilities
Have at least one courtroom and two briefing rooms where the defendant can hold a conference with their solicitor before and, if required, after their court hearing.

If court hearings are not taking place
It’s often possible for solicitors, barristers and probation officers to hold interviews with a defendant via video link to save having to visit the prison.

Its an easy 3 step process.

See how it works

Looking to setup your prison video link?

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Our home link service is perfect for when you have a witness who can’t travel to a video room or has no access to a computer and internet connection. Our technician will arrive at the witnesses location, setup, test and ensure your court case runs smoothly.

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We are a leading provider of audio visual equipment for courts throughout the UK & across the world. From screens, video unit to full court fit outs.

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If your looking to book a video conferencing room for a court case/hearing. Eyenetwork have a network of over 3000 video rooms across 120 countries which can be booked on a hourly or daily basis.

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