Court Video Link  & Video Bridging

We’ve connected to over 875 courts worldwide this year 

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Looking to connect your witness/defendant to a court or prison? 

Since 1998 Eyenetwork have helped connect witnesses and defendants for video court hearings.  Having successfully setup over 6,000 solicitors video links to courts & prisons, working closely with many  government organisations across the world such as the Crown Prosecution Service & HMCTS. We have the knowledge to ensure your video link runs smoothly, whether using one of our dedicated video conference rooms around the world or using our video software to connect a witness from their home or your office from a laptop or tablet.

We can connect to any court in the UK and around the world.

Using witnesses laptop, PC or  when required one of the 3000 video rooms in 115 countries.

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Since 1998

Eyenetwork has helped connect witnesses & Defendants for video  court hearings

Over 60,000 successful video links

For solicitors video links to courts & prisons

875 courts worldwide

We have connected to over 875 courts worldwide this year alone

What Is A Video Link In Court?

A Video Link in court allows a witness to give evidence from a remote location via video. They will appear on-screen in the courtroom and a camera in the court will allow them to also monitor the proceedings.

Its an easy 3 step process.

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Looking to connect an Expert Witness to a court case, police station or prison?

Our expert video link service allows experts in their field to give advice, evidence for a court hearing via video from their own practice or home. Thus reducing the experts travel time & time spent waiting in court and  further reducing the cost of requiring an expert for the day.

We can also connect experts  to a prison or police station to discuss a case by video with the relevant case workers or solicitor.

Can You Connect To Court With Skype?

Looking to connect to a court from Skype? We can connect any Skype for Business user to a UK court, prison or police station. For personal Skype users we offer our own in house developed web browser, this provides a more secure & professional experience for both the you and the court.




Our home link service is perfect for when you have a witness who can’t travel to a video room or has no access to a computer and internet connection. Our technician will arrive at the witnesses location, setup, test and ensure your court video link runs smoothly.

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what is a court video link

Looking to Connect to a prison video conferencing room or booth? Utilise our bridging service to connect on IP or ISDN to your chosen prison.


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court video conferencing

We are a leading provider of audio visual equipment for courts throughout the UK & across the world. From screens, video unit to full court fit outs.

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