Court Home Link

Court video links from a witnesses home

Increasingly in the legal sector, video conferencing is being used for remote & vulnerable witnesses. Eyenetwork have helped 1000’s of solicitors, CPS & HMCTS in setting up video conferencing links to any court worldwide from a witnesses home or nearby location.  We provide all the equipment necessary to complete a successful court video link, with an Eyenetwork technician on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Only 3 simple steps to connect

Fill out the form below with your requirements and one of our team will be in contact shortly

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No prior installation required, our engineer will bring a laptop & internet connection on the day of the home link

Have an urgent enquiry?  We can setup a home link within 24 hours notice


  • Our experienced booking staff will talk you through the process ensuring you understand everything that’s need to have a successful hearing by video link
  • Provide connection software and laptop
  • Technician will come to the witnesses location (Anywhere in the UK)
  • Our technician will setup & test equipment on the morning of the hearing
  • We provide the IP & ISDN connection to the court
  • We work closely with Vodafone Involve ensuring we can connect to any Vodafone enabled court
  • If your witness has no broadband we supply a mobile internet connection for the home link
  • Both our onsite technician & office team will provide complete support & monitoring for the duration of the hearing

Video rooms for hire

If your looking to book a video conferencing room for a video link. Eyenetwork have a network of over 3000 video rooms across 120 countries which can be booked on a hourly or daily basis.

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AV for Courts

We are a leading provider of audio visual equipment for courts throughout the UK & across the world. From screens, video unit to full court fit outs.

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Prison Video Links

Looking to Connect to a prison video conferencing room or booth? Utilise our bridging service to connect on IP or ISDN to your chosen prison.

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