Video Conferencing in Courts

Trusted by the UK Judicial Sector

Eyenetwork have 20 years experience supplying video conferencing services to courtrooms – helping the CPS, HMCTS, police and over 6000solicitors setup and connect video links for witness testimonies and hearings.

Our core services include video court links, court home links and prison video links. Whether utilising our global video conference room network or our extensive court bridging services to connect mobile devices, we can ensure a seamless experience for your video link hearing.

Been Requested To Use CVP?

Learn about CVP (Cloud Video Platform) and how to use it correctly. If you’re worried about connecting the Eyenetwork Concierge team can help you.

Further information

Video Connections in the judicial sector are often referred to as video links when used by legal professionals. This has been on the rise in English courts since 1999.  In 2012 the Department of Justice rolled out a programme to increase the use of video for evidence when appropriate.