Frequently asked questions

Judicial services questions

  1. I have an elderly witness who can’t leave their home, can you help? Our new court home link service is perfect in helping elderly or vulnerable witnesses make testimony from their own home. We have seen many cases successfully completed that would otherwise not have gone ahead due to using the home link service. One of our engineers will come to the witness’s home or residence, setup all the necessary software, equipment and monitor the connection to the court. For more information click here
  2.  Do you have a secure email address? Yes we have a CJSM government secure email address for every bookings coordinator. Ensuring any sensitive case details stay safe and secure
  3. Can i connect to the court using Skype? Skype cannot connect to any court using ISDN, however we can connect to any court using Skype for business or using our own in house software. Using our software you also benefit from a much more secure and stable connection
  4. Do you connect to Vodafone Involve? We work closely with Vodafone Involve connecting hundreds of calls to courts across the UK.
  5. The court I’m connecting to is ISDN only, can you connect to that? We can connect by IP and ISDN. When connecting by ISDN within the UK there is no extra charge.
  6. Can you connect witnesses from overseas? We have connected witnesses from over 100 countries to courts all over the world.
  7. I have a witness with no laptop or internet connection what service should I use? Using our home link service, an engineer will come to your witness’s residence with all the necessary software & equipment to ensure a stable connection to the court. For more information click here
  8. Are laptops accepted by courts for witness testimonies? We regularly  connect witnesses using laptops or tablets to courts across the UK
  9. I’ve heard the term Video Link what does it mean? Video link is the term used within the legal industry to define a court case using video conferencing for a witness statement or hearing.
  10. I’ve been told I need to book Vodafone Involve, how do I do this? Our booking agents will be happy to talk you through the process of setting up a video link. From sourcing the right room, mobile device to explaining the process of booking Vodafone Involve and what to expect on the day our bookings team are here to help.


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