Frequently asked questions

Judicial services questions

  1. I have an elderly witness who can’t leave their home, can you help? Our new court home link service is perfect in helping elderly or vunerable witnesses make testimony from their own home. We have seen many cases successfully completed that would otherwise not have gone ahead due to using the home link service. One of engineers will come to the witnesses home or residence, setup all the necessary software, equipment and monitor the connection to the court. For more information click here
  2. Do you have a secure email address? Yes we have a CJSM government secure email address for every bookings coordinator. Ensuring any sensitive case details stay safe and secure
  3. Do you connect to Vodafone Involve? We work closely with Vodafone Involve connecting hundreds of calls to courts across the UK.
  4. The court i’m connecting to is ISDN only, can you connect to that? We can connect by IP and ISDN. When connecting by ISDN within the UK there is no extra charge.
  5. Can you connect witnesses from overseas? We have connected  witnesses from over 100 countries to courts all over the world.
  6. I have a witness with no laptop or internet connection what service should i use? Using our home link service, an engineer will come to your witnesses residence with all the necessary software & equipment to ensure a stable connection to the court. For more information click here
  7. Are laptops accepted by courts for witness testimonies? We regularly  connect witnesses using laptops or tablets to courts across the UK
  8. Ive heard the term Video Link what does it mean? Video link is the term used within the legal industry to define a court case using video conferencing for a witness statement or hearing.
  9. Ive been told i need to book Vodafone Involve, how do i do this? Our booking agents will be happy to talk you through the process of setting up a video link. From sourcing the right room, mobile device to explaining the process of booking Vodafone Involve and what to expect on the day our bookings team are here to help.

Video room questions

  1.  Are all the rooms IP? The vast  majority of our rooms are now IP, we will always inform you prior to booking the event what connection type the room has. Our website also shows whether a room is IP or ISDN enabled.
  2.  If i can’t find a room in the area i’m looking for, do you have an alternative?  Our customers often use our mobile device connection services as an alternative to using a room, they are often more cost effective and make life easier for the attendee. For more information click here
  3.  What if my offices VC equipment isnt compatible with the room i want to book? You can use our bridging services to connect your office to the room of your choice. This will not only ensure a quality connection, we will also take care of the test call for you. For more information click here
  4. Do i need to do a test call prior to the event? We recommend testing with the facility at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. If you have booked our bridging services we will handle this for you.

Meeting room questions

  1. Do you own the facilities? No, but we make sure we only partner with companies we know to have excellent customer service and who offer great value for money.
  2. Do you have other faciltiies not shown on the website? Yes! We have access to 1000’s of additional rooms all around the world which aren’t yet on our website . We are also happy to source new alternative locations if we currently have no where suitable in your desired location.
  3. What happens when i make a booking? If you find the room you are looking for, click on book now. You will be taken through a simple 3 step booking process, where you can state the date, time and duration of your choice, whether you want any extras such as a projector or catering. Once the booking form is sent, you will receive a notification email of your order. Our Brighton bookings team will contact the chosen site to confirm availability and ensure they have everything ready for your meeting. Once confirmed we will send a booking confirmation email outlining all the details of your meeting room booking.In the instance the exact room is not available our Brighton bookings team will contact you by phone and email to go through alternative options with you.Once your booking is confirmed we will take payment and send your invoice and electronic receipt. Our standard cancellation terms are full charges 3 months from date of the booking.  However please note cancellation terms may vary dependent on the location. You will be notified of any changes to the cancellation policy prior to booking
  4. What happens when i request a quote?  Not sure which room you would like? Looking for multiple rooms or have a specific request? Then use our request a quote option . One of our bookings team will contact you by phone or email to go through your requirements. We can help source any room anywhere in the world no matter what the requirements, if the room exists we will find it!
  5. What are your cancellation terms? Our cancellation terms for meeting rooms are dependent on which partner we are using for your booking.
  6. Can you help find multiple rooms in different locations? Sure we can help find any number of rooms in multiple locations, we help a number of recruitment and training companies sourcing upwards of 50 locations a month for specific companies. Where possible we will assign you a single booking agent to help with all your requests, so they understand your needs and can help find your rooms easily.
  7. Can i pay by invoice rather than by card? Companies who book regularly can setup and account with us and pay by invoice.
  8.  Do you have an answer machine? No answer machine, no press 1 for this 2 for that. You will always get through to a real human when contacting Eyenetwork

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