Video Conferencing: Stepping in to Rescue Meetings Affected by Travel Bans

The recent travel bans imposed in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak has affected millions of businesses around the Globe. The suspension of flights to and from China have thrown many businesses into making difficult decisions regarding whether or not to postpone overseas meetings for their employees. The economic cost continues to mount as businesses in and around Asia strive to better control the virus transmission. 

Britain’s Department of Health and Social Care has declared the coronavirus outbreak a ‘serious and imminent threat’ to public health. The UK Government are also increasing its powers to keep people who may have the illness quarantined to prevent the spread of the virus across the UK. Companies worldwide and in virtually every sector have seen their business in China suffer, and now the virus is forcing companies to restrict corporate travel to mainland China.

How can we maintain business as usual?

If the recent travel bans have affected your business and you’re unsure of whether you or your team will be able to hold important meetings, then this is where video conferencing technology can step in to assist, or potentially change your future conferencing decisions for good. There are plenty of benefits that businesses can take advantage of including reduced travel costs. A study has found that British businesses with teams and clients across the globe can save on average $33,200 a year on business trips worldwide if they use online video conferencing tools.


Taking Flight

Another benefit of using video conferencing within your business is giving your employees the flexibility of working remotely should they need to. Whether they’re not quite feeling up to coming into the office because of illness, or perhaps they’ve got a family emergency, utilising video conferencing tools can make it easier for employers and their employees to stay in contact. Not only does working remotely mean that workers are more engaged with their jobs, they will also experience less stress related illnesses compared to permanent office-based workers. Allowing your team to work from home or from elsewhere will benefit your company with increased productivity. A survey conducted by Canada Life Survey found remote workers ranked their productivity at 7.7/10 compared with 6.5/10 for office-based workers.

Worldwide, pandemics no longer need to halt your business to standstill, and meetings can now take place virtually. Take advantage of the technology out there and perhaps implement it into your everyday work life. If you are worried about current or future travel bans and how these may affect your business, whether you’re local or worldwide, utilising video conferencing tools can help business run as usual.


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