With the integration if technology in every aspect of modern society, it is also fast becoming the main tool for delivering justice in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Eyenetwork is one of the leading providers of judicial video services and it is fitting that we will be taking part in the Modernising Justice 2017 event this year.





The event will take place on the 8th of June and will bring together over 300 experts to discuss how modern technology has helped transform how justice is delivered. Laptops, tablets and video conferencing equipment are providing the opportunity to establish hearings online by creating virtual courtrooms. There are many benefits to using this modern technology, such as saving time and money and perhaps more importantly it protects vulnerable witnesses as it enables them to give evidence from the comfort of their home or office.

Throughout the event, Eyenetwork will be present to introduce each of the specially tailored services we offer for the judicial sector. We are experts in the field, linking UK courts via video since 1998 and offering a variety of services carefully adapted to the needs of both the court and witnesses.




One of the most important services we offer include  Video Room hire, whereby we source professional video conferencing facilities for witnesses and link them into the courtrooms. We have over 300 venues across the UK and in over 120 countries worldwide.

If the witness cannot travel to a video room, we can establish the link with the court via an alternative service called the Laptop Link , creating a virtual courtroom through the use of a personal a device with a camera (Laptop/tablet/PC/Phone) and a stable internet connection. A test call is conducted beforehand to test the video and audio quality and stability and then we connect them to the courtroom when the judge is ready.

For vulnerable witnesses who are unable to attend court but must still give evidence, we offer a service called the Homelink. A specially trained Eyenetwork technician will travel to the residence providing the necessary equipment and technology and remain on site to set up the connection and monitor the call throughout its duration.



Our representatives at the event will be able to discuss the above mentioned services – as well as our other products – with you in more detail and answer any questions you may have about Eyenetwork or VisionsConnected. Representing Eyenetwork will be our Managing Director James Smith along with our UK Commercial Director Scott Taylor and Joris Arts from VisionsConnected, an expert in E-justice through video collaboration.

We are very excited about showcasing our services & we look forward to seeing you in London on the 8th of June.

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