Introducing our latest service, the Judicial Home-link court service.

Helping the CPS and solicitors connect vulnerable & remote witnesses from their own residence to any court within the UK or abroad.

With the law sector being one of the most important and fundamental institutions of modern society it is crucial for the process of delivering justice to develop alongside technology and let the new services aid with protecting human rights.


Video conferencing has been introduced to the courts with the purpose of presenting witnesses and victims of injustice in a virtual form either to protect them or to enable them to give evidence despite a geographical distance between them and the courts. This is quickly becoming a widely used procedure within the judicial sector all over the UK as it is cost effective, secure and friendly to the users. The witness can travel to a professional video-conferencing facility or connect via a laptop link which enables them to establish the connection from their personal device (computer, laptop, smartphone) with the additional benefit of eliminating travel and participating from the comfort of their home/office with the minimal disruption to their daily lives.

But very often we get witnesses/victims who fall into the extremely vulnerable category, by being elderly or suffering from a disability and they cannot travel nor have the ability or skill to set up the laptop link without assistance. For such specific cases Eyenetwork provides a service called a home-link. In such cases a specially trained Eyenetwork technician will travel to the witnesses’ residence and bring all the necessary equipment, to set up an internet connection (if necessary) and connect the witness to the court. The technician remains on site throughout the duration of the connection to assist the witness in every way possible and ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.


We have technicians available to travel anywhere in the UK, even with court cases that run over several days, our staff can provide the support for as long as necessary. They will deliver and set up everything from the technical side (this includes the device that will be used for the connection) and will monitor the home-link, troubleshooting on site if that is necessary.  In 2016 we assisted several vulnerable witnesses who required special attention due to being elderly and based in care homes, or suffering from disabilities and were unable to leave their residence, or lacked the necessary devices and technology skills to take on the responsibility of setting up the connection with the court. With our assistance the witnesses that were originally considered unable to give evidence successfully participated in the court cases which contributed to the overall outcomes of the trials.

Eyenetwork is a big part of helping the UK courts and solicitors in delivering digital justice through the use of technology and our aim is to eliminate the necessity to travel to a court; we can bring the virtual court to the witness instead.


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