How to Set Up A Prison Video Link

Taking you through the process of how to set up your Prison Video Link and take away any confusion when it comes to using this service.

Here are the 2 steps to booking a connection to an HM Prison:


STEP ONE: Contact our team with your Prison Video Link requirements: date, time, duration & the number of participants.

STEP TWO: We will provide all the information you need to set up your Prison Link, including taking you through the Vodafone Involve bridge connection to the prison.

Once your prisonlink booking has been confirmed, the Eyenetwork team will provide a Web RTC link for the device participants to connect to the prison via our secure browser-based software.

In order to establish the link to the prison booth, you will also need to book the Vodafone Involve Bridge no later than 1 day before the prisonlink. They will provide an ISDN Dial Up number which Eyenetwork will require to connect the device participant to the prison booth. The Eyenetwork team will guide you through this process.

Prison Video Link connection flowchart to help visualise the process:

  1. The Device users connect to the Kinly Cloud via the connection link provided.

  2. We connect the device users from the Kinly Cloud to the Vodafone Involve Bridge

  3. Vodafone Involve Bridge connect to the Prison

How To Connect Your Device To The Prison

The process to connect from your personal device is very simple. Once you have clicked on the link provided, you will need to:

  1. Enter ‘Your Name’ and click ‘CONNECT’
  2. Verify your settings (video, audio and microphone) and click ‘START’
  3. Enter the conference PIN code* and click ‘CONNECT

Once you are connected to the Kinly Cloud, Eyenetwork will dial to the Vodafone Bridge who will then connect you through to the prison booth.

The Eyenetwork team will be on hand to provide technical support should any connection issues occur during the prisonlink.


*You must have made a booking with us to receive your PIN. The connection link & PIN code will be provided once you have confirmed your booking. If you have not received one, please get in touch with our support team who will be happy to help.

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