How Easy Is It To Use Cloud Video Conferencing?

How to connect through cloud video conferencing?


More and more companies are embracing the workplace benefits that technological advancements like cloud video conferencing provides. But for some it may still seem daunting to make the change, so here are some answers to how easy it is to use cloud video conferencing.


Cloud Video Conferencing allows for seamless connections between individuals in any location through any device. Here at Eyenetwork, we offer our clients video integration & installation services ranging from single rooms to global deployments. This installation is combined with the video cloud platform, which enables your company to connect employees anywhere to any device with state of the art video conferencing equipment.


What software/programmes support cloud conferencing?


Eyenetwork utilises the Kinly cloud, where users can log into a video room from different devices, platforms, web browsers or even software programs (Skype, Cisco, Smart etc.) and, if needed, our technicians are on-hand 24/7 to ensure your team experiences a comfortable and seamless video call. With cloud-based video conferencing; all you need is a device with video technology eg. a mobile phone, Ipad, laptop with a webcam and an internet connection. 


What are the benefits of using the Kinly cloud?


The benefits of being able to join a conference call from anywhere and specifically any device or software provides employers and employees huge benefits in time-saving and ease of use. Being able to instantly reach any of your colleagues or business associates no matter what systems they use, helps to cultivate clear team and client communication and ensures that problems can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.


As a proud part of the Kinly group, Eyenetwork is spread over 8 countries in 14 offices, we have over 20 years of video conferencing experience and a dedicated support team.  We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art security, lightning-fast connections and consistently reliable services.


Customise your meeting experience, connect to any device, anywhere at any time.


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