How can Video Technology Help Clear the Backlog of Court Cases?

Technology may be the answer to helping courts move forward, but only if we know how to use it correctly.

In a recent Guardian article, it was revealed that despite 90% of court buildings being now open, there’s a backlog of nearly 44,000 Crown Court cases awaiting trial. With movement restrictions in place, it’s more important than ever that we use technology to our advantage; we have the opportunity to maximise the number of people who pass through the court systems on a daily basis. Robert Buckland stated that the sector needs to focus on “reducing delays and delivering speedier justice for all,” something which video technology, already in place, provides the opportunity to speed things up and help clear the trials backlog.

Technology in the judicial sector has already begun to improve the expierence for all parties involved, saving time and the cost of expenses, as well as streamlining systems for documentation.


Avoiding Video Technology Issues in Courtrooms

However, not everyone is experienced with using video technology, and issues outside of your control can affect the course of the trial; if an individual on trial can’t hear the questions being asked to respond appropriately, or the in court audio prevents the court from hearing their responses, it may impact the proceedings and delays may occur.

Video technology has the power to help many individuals who have been awaiting trial far longer than expected due to court closures, however, it’s imperative to make sure your video technology is working without issue for all participants before court commences.


Cloud Video Platform and Court Video Links use in Trials

CVP, Prison Link, and Court Home Link are becoming the norm for connecting prisoners, courts, lawyers, and witnesses, but not all parties involved have the experience to use these services well. Our Judicial Video Concierge Service not only ensures that technological issues are ironed out beforehand with a test call, but that any new issues that arise are able to be resolved on the spot, as well as providing aid for those who are not familiar with the technology in the first place.

This service prevents further delays to court dates, and ensures that the proceedings will go as planned with no delays due to technology issues, all without compromising confidentiality.

A Courtroom Video Concierge can prevent any Video Technology Issues in Courtrooms

If this sounds like a service you or someone you know could benefit from, reach out today for a quote, or follow the link for information on our judicial video services.




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