On the 19th of September the 17th annual Criminal Justice Management Conference 2017 will take place at the QEII Centre in London. In attendance there will be members of the local Government, police, courts, prisons and health and education all coming together to join different disciplines for a common solution. The aim of the conference is to drive reform forwards and discover new potential across the criminal justice system especially with the help of video link court hearings.



Eyenetwork will be attending with a team of experts, providing insight on how our court video link services can bring improvements to the criminal justice arena. One of the main topics of the conference will be How Will the Criminal Justice System be Changed and Embedding a Practical, Useful Video Solution to Make Criminal Justice Services more Accessible to Users.

With almost two decades of experience of dealing with video solutions for the UK legal sector we have adapted our video link court services to fit the specific requirements. We can link up to any courtroom with a video system, be it crown, magistrate, county or even a UK prison.

We offer three main services that are reforming the way witnesses can give evidence remotely. The VIDEO ROOM, the LAPTOP LINK and the HOMELINK service.

The solutions Eyenetwork offers are practical and easily accessible to its users saving time and money. We take the advances made in the technology field and use those to our advantage. Witnesses can now be linked to the courtrooms from remote locations all over the world with little disruptions to their lives and schedules. We also offer training for the staff of the judicial sectors, where trained professionals will take you through the booking process step by step. This ensures a better understanding of the system and results in faster and more successful connections.



Representing Eyenetwork at this event will be our Managing Director James Smith along with our UK Commercial Director Scott Taylor and Joris Arts from VisionsConnected, an expert in E-justice through video collaboration.

We will be happy to talk about our services and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you in London on the 19th of September.

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