Since its establishment in 1996, Eyenetwork has been providing video services to aid the legal sector for over 2 decades. We have been involved with video and the legal sector from its infancy and we have developed and adjusted along with the progression of technology to offer the best possible service for our clients.

There are 2 basic ways to connect a witness to the court from a remote location:

Witnesses can be sent to a video room, provided we have one to offer near their location. To find out more about our video room services visit our website.

Alternatively, we can connect witnesses from any location provided they have a stable internet connection and a device with a working camera and microphone. Our software is secure and testing always takes place beforehand to ensure the best possible connection. To find out more about our device link services visit the designated section on our web-page.

We work with a wide range of professionals from the judicial sector, aiding witnesses to participate in court cases and give evidence regardless of their location. From the CPS and UK Courts and Councils, to private solicitors’ firms on a global scale. We connect hundreds of court cases weekly and we have many clients who trust us to ensure their Videolinks run smoothly. Here is what they had to say about our services:


 Stacey Bertram from CPS Norwich

 We use Eyenetwork to connect to Vodafone when we have international links and       also to  connect to defendants or witnesses in their own homes via their laptops.

They are Absolutely 100% reliable.  Tancrede, Zala, David and Vini have all helped with when I have been faced with very last minute judicial decisions that mean I need to sort a link out.  They remain calm and every request seems effortless.  It is a pleasure to deal with them.

 The team make a frantic situation in court go seamlessly.

On one particular case there were lots of international witnesses appearing in succession and I kept in touch via email with the team and the court did not even have to rise when one witness finished and the next was needed.  The team were liaising with the witnesses and as one left the screen, the next one appeared.


Francisco Repetto from Kennedys Law

I instruct Eyenetwork on a daily basis in many of my team legal cases. We deal with civil claims which have been issued in UK Courts and we require our witnesses to give evidence via video link from abroad. On this basis I instruct Eyenetwork to carry out the video link connections between the witnesses, which are based abroad and the Courts in the UK.

 Eyenetwork is a very professional company and their team members are excellent in what they do. They respond to my requests very promptly and are always willing to provide any extra assistance when needed. Eyenetwork provides an excellent service and have an excellent know how of the video link industry. The booking team is formed of a very skilled and professional team members. They all provide me with an excellent service. They try to resolve any inconvenient that may arise on the video link arrangements. I definitely will recommend their services.


Eyenetwork will continue to work with the legal sector in the future to ensure we are in sync with the changes and constant development of technology. For more information please visit our Judicial page.

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