Organising recruitment campaigns can be a stressful process, especially if the task is assigned to one single person. Arranging the dates, locations and venue requirements is a time-consuming and expensive process. Here at Eyenetwork we have specially trained professionals who can help you share that workload. With a variety of venues available all over the UK from big cities to more remote locations, we can source a venue for any occasion.  A Bookings Coordinator will organise the event for you from beginning to end; all you have to do is provide us with the schedule, locations and any other special requirements you may have.

Concierge Service

What does concierge mean? In the past the word was exclusively used for hotel staff that took care of you. But recently an expanded term has arisen and it is now used to indicate a personal, customised service provided by a business or a professional. Our Meeting Room manager David Wilson explains in his own words how booking with Eyenetwork can benefit your recruitment campaign: ‘’First and foremost, booking with us will assist with easing your workload and leaving you more time to focus on the other details of your campaign. With our knowledge and experience we understand first-hand the pressure that goes into arranging such an event. That is why our service comes with a personal touch, we are not just making a booking for you, we are making a booking with you’’.

  • Budget: You have a budget set for your event? We will do our best to locate a venue that will match your assigned funds.
  • Date & Time If you need a venue outside office hours, on a Public Holiday or over the weekend our bookings team will source a location that is flexible with meeting times.
  • Special Requirements: If you have any, from parking and catering to booking hotel rooms for an overnight stay, just let us know. No matter how unusual the request is, let us know and we will see if we can make it happen. We love a challenge!

David has worked with several big companies for campaigns that lasted over longer periods of time: ‘’Every new request is an exciting challenge. I have recently completed a big recruitment campaign in Soho London and found it very rewarding to be able to assist my client and play a part in seeing  this project through’’.  Take a look at our Soho meeting rooms

So don’t spread yourself too thin with the workload, pass over the relevant details and leave the how, where and when with us! For any additional information visit our Meeting room webpage.

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