Eyenetwork CPS training

Eyenetwork is offering a new training programme for the CPS to further improve the working relationship and highlight in detail the specially tailored judicial services that help link to courts all over the UK.



Our Eyenetwork Judicial experts recently travelled to two CPS locations in the South-East to do a training course on the legal services offered by our company. Over the years we have been working closely with the CPS & solicitors and the training course is designed specifically for clients in the judicial sector. Specially trained Eyenetwork professionals presented the services available to the CPS and guided the participants of the course through each of these services step by step. The course discussed the benefits and advantages of each service, how to make an enquiry, what information to gather from the courts and the witnesses and how to confirm a booking as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The training is a new service offered by our company with the aim to help both parties, the CPS and Eyenetwork understand the issues each end is facing during the enquiry and booking process and help resolve these so that we can work together on an even more efficient level. It starts with an introduction of the company and the business and then moves on to our judicially tailored services with the help of a power point presentation and concludes with a Q & A session between our experts and the CPS staff. The training can take place on site or remotely via video-conference.


There are several ways in which Eyenetwork can help the CPS connect witnesses to UK courts: Video room links (where we provide a professional VC room for the witness), laptop links (where we can link the witness through their own personal device) or a homelink, a service ideal for vulnerable witnesses who are unable to travel (a technician will go to a requested location, provide the device and internet, then connect the witness to the court and monitor the call).

The task of making the enquiry and getting it to the booking stage can seem challenging if the process is not fully understood. That is why the training course is designed to lead our judicial clients from enquiry to booking, explaining every detail of the process and highlighting the points where they might face challenges and how to overcome them.

For more information on our Training services or to book a training session please visit the Eyenetwork training webpage.

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