Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Conferencing For Businesses

Video conferencing is quickly growing in popularity; according to Frost & Sullivan research, the overall video and web conferencing market is on a high growth trajectory and is forecast to grow from $8.5 billion in 2017 to $11.0 billion by 2023. Video conferencing presents countless opportunities to businesses with its efficient, cost-saving software. It allows companies to engage remote workers, collaborates across departments and locations as well as making interviewing job candidates a breeze. 


Technology moves at an incredible pace, video conferencing has only started to boom in recent years, and already new versions are pilling on the added benefits for businesses. Cloud-based video conferencing is the latest move forward for companies who are looking to capitalise on video conferencing, as it increases security and decreases technical issues. Cloud video conferencing allows users to access video rooms from any device, platforms, web browsers or software programs. It gives users the freedom to join essential conference calls with ease and little stress.



Cloud video conferencing offer extreme simplicity to its users; an attendee only needs access to the internet and an audiovisual device, e.g. a smartphone or laptop to join a call, as the cloud system enables users to join through any app or web browser. 


Increasing use of devices:

According to a GSMA study, the number of connected devices in the global market will increase from 9 billion in 2011 to more than 24 billion by 2020. This massive increase of online devices means that cloud video conferencing is more seamless than before; for example, if experiencing unforeseen delays, you can still quickly join meetings via your mobile phone. This means that for most businesses, everyone in their workforce can access top quality, high definition video conferencing on any connected device without a complicated setup needed.



The scalability of cloud-based Video Conferencing is limitless. Where an on-premise software requires monitoring and foresight to ensure it is expanded when needed, cloud-based video conferencing services enable businesses to scale up quickly, or down when needed, without any additional hassle of further purchases of hardware. If you are uncertain on the amount of demand video conferencing will receive within your business, then don’t commit to a long term and expensive decision.

Reduces Costs:

Cloud video conferencing means that rather than investing and maintaining expensive infrastructure equipment as well as having to install it, attendees can dial into a virtual meeting room, managed by the service provider. Meaning that all involved can enjoy the reduced maintenance costs.



With the move into cloud-based video conferencing, the worries around security issues for businesses are no longer relevant. For example, the firewall issues are no longer a concern and any video conference providers also offer improved security protocols that align with industry needs for privacy and data security.  Cloud-based video conferencing also offers a neutral meeting ground for you and your clients, giving both parties a certainty that your information is secure. Neither party of the video call is given access to the other firewall or private network. This can, therefore, be a massive benefit to businesses that meet with a large number of potential clients daily.



Video Conferencing is known for increasing productivity and efficiency, but this only remains the case if the service is of high quality for video, audio and content. If you do decide to make a move towards cloud-based video conferencing, make sure to use a highly rated and reliable software provider, who can ensure that your productivity isn’t reduced by bad video and poor audio standards.


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