One of the main difficulties our Judicial clients experience is when a court uses the services of Vodafone Involve for their Videolinks, so we have broken down the process make it as simple and clear as possible

Video Conferencing To Improve The Education System

Video Conferencing To Improve The Education System


In the UK, the education system continues to be choked financially. We had seen a ​48% rise in funding per child between 1997 & 2007 with £1.2 billion on education​ every week. However, successive governments have neglected this duty and subsequently underfunded British education.

Although parents and teachers feel the indirect pressures as a result of this ‘today’, it is the students who are likely to suffer in the long-term, who are at risk of experiencing a poorer level of teaching due to strict target-based curriculum’s, time-poor teachers and financially stretched schools.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider what options there are to help tackle this problem and still allow for our children and students to get the high level of education that we wish them to have. This is where ​Video Conferencing technology ​can help educators bring the outside world into the classroom and help inspire students and give them the opportunity to connect the environment from their desks. It is predicted that one of the most significant trends on the rise in education is video supported learning and therefore if you’re not already implementing it, you likely will be soon.

How Video Conferencing Can Save Money For Business

How Video Conferencing Can Save Money For Business


Video conferencing is increasingly popular among all types of businesses, from large to small startups. Video conferencing technology is an impressive business tool not only because it increases productivity and convenience, but because it also provides money-saving benefits.

The availability of fast, inexpensive broadband has done much to change the perception that only large companies have access to video conferencing. The simplicity of the technology means that using video conferencing doesn’t require a vital work conference to justify its usage; quick one-to-one conversations between coworkers can be held this way too.

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