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At Eyenetwork, we understand the challenges you face. That is why our dedicated team based in Brighton are here to help with your enquiries and to ensure that all your meetings run as smoothly as possible.

Experts in video conferencing facilities, meeting rooms and video bridging

Offices in the UK, Netherlands, Dubai, Belgium & Norway, 24/7 service customer service


For the past twenty years, we have become experts in sourcing meeting rooms and providing video conferencing facilities. Our global network covers 120 countries and our long standing partnerships ensure you will find exactly the facilities you need, with the best rates on the market.

But that’s not all we do. Eyenetwork is your trusted partner in organising (video) meetings, trainings and conferences. We are open to accommodate everything from small gatherings to the biggest, most elaborate events.

Our dedicated bookings team are on hand to guide you through the booking process. Have a look at our services page to discover what we can do for you.

Looking for a partner in crime? Have a look at our judicial services page and find out how Eyenetwork makes court cases much easier.