Young workers give resounding support to video

Young professionals have given a huge vote of confidence to video conferencing and telepresence by claiming they have a positive impact on business, reports.

A global report undertaken by Cisco saw 1,315 young professionals quizzed on how they viewed the use of video in the workplace. In total, some 87 per cent said they believed the impact on work of using video was both significant and positive.

Not only that, the techniques were seen to be more productive, an effective way of reducing costs and ensuring a workplace attracts all the best talent on offer.

As these youngsters will go on to become the CEOs and decision makers for large companies in future, this could hint at a much more video-reliant workplace within a generation.

Soon into the study it emerged that workers in an ever-connected world wanted information to be continually at their fingertips. With that comes communication channels, which the young workers claimed should be available at the touch of a button, both for co-workers and clients. This wouldn’t just be instrumental in making processes easier, they said, but also quicker, which means decisions can be reached in a speedy and cost-effective manner.

Perhaps the most staggering statistic, however, concerned recruitment.

“Interestingly, 87 per cent of young execs revealed that they would choose to work for a video-enabled organisation over a company who didn’t invest in video communications at all,” Cisco’s Hans Rittenbruch told

“For many young entrepreneurs, video collaboration is simply another method of communication.”