Young executives see a big future for video

A report has discovered that young executives think video will impact and change how companies do business dramatically over the next few years.

According to, Cisco commissioned RedShift Research to survey 1,315 executives under the age of 35 from a variety of regions including Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, France, Germany and Scandinavia.

It found that 87 per cent of young executives believe that video has a positive impact on their business, because services such as video conferencing save on travel costs and help build up a better relationship with customers.

Furthermore, three out of five executives said they will rely more on business-class video in the next five to ten years and 87 per cent admitted that the amount of investment in video would affect their decision on whether to take a job offer from that company or not, reports

Many young executives believe video can help companies overcome language barriers too, with 94 per cent saying that video can indeed help. They said this was mostly because they can get a good impression of how the conversation is going and can see when the other person doesn’t get or understand something that was just said.