Work/life balance is a ‘national concern’

A business expert has called employee work/life balance a ‘national concern’, according to

Mark Bull, managing director of recruitment firm Randstad UK, claimed that more needs to be done to help employees with flexible working in order to reduce the amount of workplace pressure. His comments come after research shows that only 60 per cent of employees are happy with their work/life balance.

Mr Bull told “Work-life balance has become something of a national concern in the current economic climate as many people are under increasing pressure in both their professional and personal lives.

Flexible working is becoming increasingly easier in today’s current business climate, due to an advance in technology, with items such as smartphones and video conferencing.

The survey, which questioned 2,000 workers, found that work/life balance happiness levels were highest amongst those working in utilities (94 per cent), followed by those in the insurance sector (80 per cent), property business (88 per cent) and leisure industry (80 per cent). Whereas, accountants were said to be the least happy with their work/life balance, with only 42 per cent satisfied.

The data also found that the average employee works 37 hours and 40 minutes per week and earns £505.90.