Why desktop video conferencing is so important to remote workers

At Eyenetwork we have seen a surge in laptop connections, with over 40% of our bookings now including a bridge or laptop connection, enabling our clients to integrate their remote workers with the rest of the workforce, thus aiding business expansion at a much lower cost than ever before. This is a trend seen across the board as the latest research suggests.

Technology platforms are playing a crucial role in broadening employee engagement by improving connectivity, collaboration and efficiency.

Research from Forrester Consulting found that more than a third of employees now work remotely at some point in the week, fuelling a massive surge in virtual collaboration.

“We have a largely remote workforce, and those workers in our employee survey always score low on engagement and job satisfaction,” says Alex Williams, operations director at Damovo.

“The social challenges of remote working were always going to be more difficult to overcome, but after we rolled out video conferencing to the desktops a few years ago, the results have improved year on year.”

With video enabling immediate responses and closer working relationships between colleagues, businesses should be re-evaluating how they can encourage employee adoption of video in the workplace, as 63 per cent of workers say that they are more likely to action a conversation in a video conference than in an email.

Video conferencing can help specific departments or dispersed teams to build the relationships that are so essential for efficient and effective productivity no matter where they are located.

“50 per cent of your message is based on body language, whereas words are only 10 per cent, so if you’re only communicating via instant messaging, perhaps you’re not getting your message across effectively,” says Williams.

This is a key advantage of video conferencing over traditional options, as desktop video conferencing becomes more and more user friendly, the demand will only increase, with Eyenetwork having already invested in the latest technology at the forefront of this change.