Weight Loss helped by Video Conferencing

Weight management and a balanced nutrition can now be achieved with the help of expert nutritionists and personal trainers through the use of video conferencing. A press release from Face2Face Gym (2013) states it is now possible to receive live face to face nutrition and exercise advice tailored to an individual’s needs.   This can be especially beneficial if you are living in very rural areas, and cannot travel to appointments several times per week or have a demanding professional career with frequent travel, so the scheduling flexibility of video conferencing is ideal. It is a futuristic concept to the health and fitness industry by offering live, interactive, online personal training, exercise classes and nutrition counselling.

Some gyms like for example Face2Face Gym now have live virtual programs that allow group or one-on-one personal session with a fitness professional or nutritionist of your choice. As a participant, you can aim to improve your health and lifestyle from the comfort of your own home, the office or anywhere where you can connect to the internet. Learn how to make smarter eating choices and at the same time explore new and time-efficient ways to exercise. Video conferencing allows participants to see the team and develop a strong face to face relationship. This bond is very important as it makes it easier to get through the challenges and to maintain the achieved results.

It is also great for support as it enables access to the expert when needed. It is quick, easy, and affordable plus it eliminates waiting for weeks or months to get an appointment. Some of the most effective weight loss interventions have had frequent staff-patient interactions, high attendance and physical activity and with today’s hectic lifestyle, video conferencing is the perfect tool to keep regular appointments.

Video conference can be an effective tool for treatment of weight management and research shows promising results according to the Journal of Rural health (2014). Conventional gyms, pre-recorded exercise videos and written diet plans are moving aside in favour of live video enabled nutrition and fitness classes.

Here at Eyenetwork, we think that this is a great new example of the versatile use of video conferencing. A creative solution that eliminates travel and offers the possibility to attend guided sessions from the comfort of your own home. We predict that in the future it could become a popular method for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.