A New Generation of Virtual Classrooms facilitated by Vidyo

Eyenetwork has seen an increase in demand for desktop video applications in the Education market, as this article demonstrates more and more Universities and students see desktop conferencing as an integral part of their course offering.

In a recent survey conducted by Vidyo, of students who are currently enrolled in universities and higher education classes, 30% of the respondents indicated that they will attend a Virtual or Distance Learning classroom in the coming academic year. Education institutes across the globe are currently embracing VidyoConferencing™ and its widespread deployment has raised the bar for interactive video communication and collaboration in education.

The long list of Vidyo education deployments includes Carnegie Mellon, Bellarmine, Northwestern, and Emory Universities in the U.S. and Kyushu University in Japan, Porto University in Portugal and Thinking Schools Academy in India, among others. A large number of undergraduate and graduate programs at colleges, universities, and research facilities use Vidyo’s visual collaboration solution for its unmatched accessibility, scalability, quality and affordability

With video conferencing becoming more affordable and accessible on laptops and mobile devices, interactive visual communications is becoming more prevalent on college campuses. Vidyo’s survey stated, 41% of the student respondents said they used video conferencing on a laptop or mobile device (i.e., smartphone or tablet) for some type of school-related activities during the last academic year.  It’s not only students, Eyenetwork has seen a sharp increase in the number of individuals using video conferencing on their laptops for a variety of needs. Whatever the reason  Eyenetwork can get you connected.