Video conferencing used increasingly in recruitment

Video conferencing is fast becoming an ever-integral part of the recruitment interview process, according to two-fifths of HR directors,  reports.

A poll conducted by a business stationery and furniture provider, OfficeTeam UK, found that the use of video conferencing facilities has risen in the past three years; 41 per cent of respondents said they relied on it more frequently to help them fill specialist vacancies.

With the search for skilled professionals becoming ever more difficult – 89 per cent of the HR directors polled said this is ‘somewhat or very challenging’ – many have been turning to video conferencing so that they might extend their job search beyond purely local geographical areas.

Forty-one per cent of the HR directors said that they used the technology to conduct interviews with candidates that lived further afield within the UK, while 32 per cent of respondents said that they used the facilities to interview candidates based in other countries. To put this into perspective, the same percentage (32 per cent) claimed they utilised face-to-face interviews for shortlisting applicants.

Commenting on the survey, OfficeTeam UK managing director Phil Sheridan told “Video conferencing allows hiring managers to conduct a visual and verbal assessment of the candidates, which is particularly useful for those who have a long journey to navigate.

“Technology is continually advancing, so it only seems fitting that businesses take advantage of the ease of convenience [sic] it offers.”