Video conferencing to help replace office phone

Video conferencing services and smartphones will one day replace the humble office telephone line.

A new survey of chief information officers (CIOs) suggests that even PCs are at risk as office staples, as workers turn to more immersive, wireless technologies to go about their business.

Sixty-five per cent of CIOs said they believed that desk telephones will be redundant by 2017, according to, while 62 per cent said personal computers will also meet the same fate.

Commenting on the research, carried out on behalf of Virgin Media Business, futurologist Peter Cochrane said that immersive conferencing systems are likely to fill the void left by the outdated telephone line.

“The public switch telephone network will be closed down, it’s about as relevant as morse code,” he says.

“Optical fibre will replace landlines and most devices will connect using wireless. But the landlines can’t go until there is wireless connectivity to replace it. There won’t be wireless connectivity to replace it until there is optical fibre available to offices and homes in sufficient density.”

Smartphones on the other hand, are least likely to disappear, said the 500 CIOs. Just 13 per cent expect they’ll disappear over the next five years, reveals