Video conferencing “the new normal”

Video conferencing has now entered the mainstream as a successful, viable and widely used method of B2B communication, experts have suggested.

Reports have indicated that businesses and governments have become increasingly taken with the technology, and it seen a huge rise in popularity as a result.

The video conferencing market has grown globally by 20 per cent every year for the past decade, Gadget Magazine reported – with the figure set to rise to 22-25 per cent over the coming years.

The magazine cited corporate cutbacks in the face of economic uncertainty, willingness by business people to take the medium on and the improvement in video quality as big factors in the industry’s rise in popularity.

It also claimed that the technology gives a competitive advantage to companies, as those hiring video conferencing facilities are more likely to be able to speed up the decision-making process, and share information quickly.

Industry expert, Clint Cronje, spoke out about the news, claiming: “Strong local and international growth occurs in the face of continued cost sensitivity across both the public and private sectors. Video conferencing delivers savings and measurable benefits.”

“This means that these solutions are right at home in ‘the new normal’, a business environment in which executives stay close to cost drivers and seek continual efficiencies.”