Video conferencing technology used by Williams F1 team

The Williams Formula One team has revealed that it has installed video conferencing facilities at the team’s UK headquarters and on-board a unique travelling unit, which is at every European Grand Prix race during the 2010 season.

The installation took place at the Oxfordshire HQ of Williams F1 back in April, with an additional unit installed on the Williams motor home that travels to each race destination. This is believed to be the first time that video conferencing has been used within Formula One.

The travelling deployment will allow the team to have access to video conferencing services track side and at the teams headquarters on race weekends. Williams hope this will give the team an advantage as they can team up with specialists back at the factory, during the build up to races and improve the performance of the cars.

The technology is simple and easy to use and provides the team with a high definition service. As a result, the team have high quality video communications which can be used not just for internal communication, but also to connect with business partners worldwide.

All Formula 1 teams agreed to cap the number of technical staff attending races in 2010, meaning several engineers who would have usually travelled to races are now forced to stay in the UK. The installation of video conferencing technology meets the team’s need for quick and effective communication with staff who are no longer at the 19 circuits worldwide.

Alex Burns, the Chief Operation Officer of Williams F1 said to motor-sport news channel F1SA: “The main benefit is that we can connect people who otherwise would be communicating over telephone and email links. This means we can have the rich communication of a face to face meeting and still comply with the new agreement to reduce the number of staff travelling to circuits.”