Video conferencing saving USA courts millions

Video conferencing is saving the American justice system millions of dollars a month.

A source from reported that the popularity of the technology has grown immensely, particularly in Pennsylvania, where around $1.7 million (£1.04 million) is being shaved off court costs every month.

Video conferencing facilities are being used for statewide legal conferences, probation hearings and even international testimonies.

Furthermore, video conferencing arrangements for criminals in Delaware alone have increased by over 700 per cent in the last decade; whilst bail interviews and fast-track guilty pleas have experienced similar jumps.

Video conferencing services are estimated to be saving tax payers in Philadelphia around $550,000 a year and residents in Delaware around $271,000 a year because of reduced court fees.

Reacting to the new figures, Delaware County executive Marianne Grace said that work was being done to increase these figures even further.

She told “Over the past several years, Delaware County has really been working to include video conferencing more and more into the program.

“As video conferencing technology becomes more prevalent throughout the judicial system, we can expect to save even more tax dollars through a further reduction of defendant transportation costs.”

Grace added that using video technology to communicate with prisoners has also proved helpful in dramatically reducing the likelihood of prisoners escaping during transit.