Video conferencing robots have limited use

Video conferencing robots are useful but unlikely to replace traditional video conference facilities, it has been claimed.

Simon Dudley, a video evangelist at Lifesize, has suggested that this hot new trend represents more of a management device than a collaboration tool.

The devices, which are essentially a remote-controlled video conferencing screen that can navigate their surroundings, certainly represent a cool piece of tech.

Yet, in an article for, he suggested that they were too expensive and arguably too unnecessary to replace a video conferencing room.

“Video robots are not supposed to replace in-person interaction or even conventional videoconferencing. Instead, they’re supposed to be the next best thing to being in the office or workplace.

While I’m wholly in favour of video conferencing and telecommuting, if you need to have your physical presence at your place of business so badly that you’re considering a robot facismile – well, maybe you should really be at your office,”

This new technology is being introduced just SMEs begin to find traditional video-conferencing facilities affordable. According to, Dudley also slammed the “Big Brother” approach to video collaboration that these robots could bring.

Nevertheless, it could yet to prove a useful tool for large corporations who spend a lot of money on business travel.