Video conferencing helps businesses go green

Businesses looking to run a more sustainable, eco-friendly operation have access to more methods than ever to do so, including substituting face-to-face meetings with remote video conferencing.

That’s according to Randall Davidson, the lead project manager for an eco-friendly transcript service, who offered 20 top tips to help businesses become more environmentally-friendly. One of his most important pieces of advice was to use video conferencing in place of face-to-face meetings, which often require many people to travel (via a range of means) to one location.

He told “Hold your meetings remotely. As you meet with colleagues, including external vendors, try to hold as many meetings as possible over the internet. Try video conferencing technologies.”

Davidson is not the only advocate of this method, with Article Alley also claiming: “Video conferencing helps your organisation attain the eco-friendly tag. [It] cuts down on travelling and use of resources, thereby reducing carbon emissions to a great extent.”

Davison’s other suggestions included making full use of email newsletters and marketing, selling all products and services online – which also broadens the audience and potential consumer base – and where paper products must be used, ensure they are created from recycled produce, and make it clear to the recipient that they can recycle the letter once read.

Additionally, he suggested making all promotional products recyclable or reusable – such as branded reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, or recyclable pens, cards and stationery.