Video conferencing in the finance world

For years, companies worldwide have been increasingly using video conferencing as a tool to accelerate their decision making processes, to monitor instantaneous market changes and improve the service for their customers. It enables employees to share data (images, charts, presentations) with other branches and partners worldwide. In the past visual communication was used mainly for internal contact but it is also an excellent tool for external communication.

Visual communication is not solely for the use of businesses and their employees within the company but can also be used for managing one’s personal affairs like for example getting a mortgage. With the increasingly busy lifestyle we lead day to day, it can be difficult to find the time to organize all of the necessary appointments along with a full time job and a family life. Video conferencing offers flexibility as it gives the option to have a consult via the webcam. Meetings can now be scheduled online with a click of a button and this eliminates travel which will save you time and money. As most documents today are available in digital form, they can be shared instantly and decisions can be made quicker and easier than before. A growing number of people are using video to communicate with friends and family and with the further development of technology other sectors like for example the finance sector can find video conferencing an advantageous tool. It enables you to invest, borrow and manage your accounts from the comfort of your home with the help of an immediate expert consultation. For example some banks are now offering face to face online banking services which increases personal interaction.

This is a step to the next level of customer service that will narrow the gap between customers and service providers. It is a solution that offers immediacy, clarity and trust when a busy schedule prevents you from having an in-person meeting.