Video Conferencing in Manufacturing

In today’s fast paced world, everything is growing and developing in new ways. Manufacturing is becoming more and more international and therefore the factory floor is often situated in another country or even on the other side of the globe. This can present a problem as constant travel is required in order to supervise and inspect the facility and to keep up with the constant developments in the manufacturing process.

Video Conferencing presents a creative solution for this problem. Different groups, experts and partners can interact with each other from their own parts of the world. Reduced costs, ecological impact and higher worker storage are only a few of the benefits that occur when video conferencing is applied in the manufacturing industries.

One can streamline the manufacturing process which can be considered as an instant competitive advantage in the area. Workers, supervisors and groups can interact with one another on the company floor regardless of the geographical boundaries. Video Conferencing can take place anywhere in the facility: the factory floor, the immersive theatre, a conference room, in a laboratory… It is a great way to keep track and participate in all the departments and contribute to the design and production processes. With this operational efficiency is increased and the industry can reduce downtime, enhance quality, troubleshoot issues and conduct effective employee training. The technology also presents a way for manufacturers to recognize, diagnose and control any disruptions that might take place. Video Conferencing also accelerates one of the most important phases in the manufacturing: design and development. It is the best solution for the engineers to survey the status of the product development phase. In time this can help the manufacturing industry to minimize the misconceptions regarding the products.

Companies are comprised of a number of suppliers and vendors from various locations and it is important for firms to have a good co-ordinating system so that they can achieve compatibility between the supply and the demand. With the help of video collaboration technology, the firm can effectively manage all its supply chains.

It is clear that video conferencing can bring numerous benefits in many different areas of the manufacturing industry. From enhanced productivity to minimizing time from product development. The possibilities to improve the industry, with the help of video conferencing are practically endless.