Video conferencing improving courts around the world

A number of major cities are beginning to adopt video conferencing to support their justice systems.

A report from reveals that Haryana, India is one of world’s leading users of the technology within the law industry.

Every jail and courtroom within the city has adopted video conference facilities in order to screen defendants directly to the jury during court cases.

This has dramatically cut down the expenses paid out by the courts on transporting prisoners to their hearings. It was also suggested that the technology increased court room security and allowed the judicial process to be more efficient.

A senior Haryana police officer told the website the introduction of video conferencing within the justice system has been big weight off of their back.

He said: “There are instances where inmates have escaped out of police custody. In case video conferencing is adopted in a big way, the burden on the state police will definitely reduce.” have also reported on the growing use of video technology in courts in New York

There were 1,570 video linked appearances throughout the state’s courts last year, up from just 316 two years ago.

Justice Barry Kamins told the website that video conferencing represented the future of how courts were being run.

With the British Government looking to make cuts in the public sector, it would be no surprise to see this trend reaching the UK in the near future.