Video conferencing improves work-life balance

Video conferencing allows staff to be more productive and make a company more money, a business expert claims.

Although many of pointed out the financial benefits of reduced employee travel, Cisco vice president June Bower was keen to point out other financial benefits of the new technology.

She claimed that video conferencing can improve the work-life balance of employees helping them avoid burnout.

Writing for, she said: “As a small business owner or consultant, it’s important to make sure you don’t burn out either.

“Eliminating, or at least reducing, the need for frequent travel takes a great deal of stress off key staffers that you can’t afford to lose – not to mention yourself.”

A recent poll in The Daily Mail which revealed that two thirds of British employees are overwhelmed with work suggests that video conferencing facilities would be a welcome addition to many UK businesses.

Live face-to-face communication can also improve relations with clients and customers which can end up being vital to the growth of a business, Bower said.

She added that employers could record important conversations, training sessions or strategy meetings in order to avoid having to relay the information to new staff.

This could create time to allow managers and business owners to get on with more productive work.