Video conferencing gives casino firm significant travel savings

A British casino chain has successfully reduced business travel between locations thanks to video conferencing.

According to an official statement, Aspers Group adopted video conferencing services across its HR, finance and business development teams in London, Newcastle, Northampton and Swansea.

“We examined the cost of group business travel; particularly the cost of personnel commuting between our London HQ and our regional sites,” said Nick Snowden, IT director at Aspers. “We were already spending a lot on flights and rail travel up and down the country, and this was rapidly increasing with our geographic expansion. In a bid to make better use of technology to help control our growth, we looked at the video conferencing market.”

Aspers Group uses video conferencing during board meetings. According to the statement, in the coming months video conferencing could be implemented for nationwide training.

Terry Dwyer, who helped Aspers Group choose video conferencing facilities, said that, although the technology hadn’t been in place long, they were already saving a lot of time and money when it comes to business travel. “Aspers Group had implemented an authority-to-travel policy that involved employees having to apply for permission to spend on transport,” explained Dwyer. “This was designed to engender cultural change and encourage people to consider video conferencing first. In reality though, once users have experienced video meetings they have spontaneously evangelised it internally.”

The scheme was piloted between the head office in London and the office in Newcastle. It immediately saved 2-3 journeys every week between the two cities, and was then rolled out across the main offices.