Video Conferencing for Pets

iCPooch & PetChatz the FIRST Video Conferencing systems for Pets

Technology is truly evolving across new and unexpected platforms every day. With the start of 2014 pet owners are able to chat with their pets and give them treats from ANYWHERE in the world with the first ever ‘’video conferencing’’ solution for our four legged friends.

This technology was created with the intention of helping pets which suffer from separation anxiety when being left home alone. Today many people work long hours and are separated from pets due to business travel and other work related events and daily obligations. With iCPooch and PetsChatz owners can now check on their pets from anywhere in the world as the product is installed at the owner’s home or preferred location. The device is mounted at the pet’s eyelevel and once installed it connects via Wi-Fi and owners can log in from a computer, laptop or mobile device and videoconference with their furry friends. A special ringtone alerts the pets about the incoming call and once connected, owners can see their pets, speak to them and even record their activity. They also have the option to remotely dispense treats from the device or emit a soothing scent for their pets to enjoy.

Our opinion on the matter is that any smart dog will probably find a way to break into the device, empty its snack content and then leave little brown treats of his own for the owner all around the flat. As for the cats, the majority of them cannot be bothered to greet their owners when they come home so we are pretty sure they won’t be too excited about answering a video call. We do however predict that these products could be popular, more so for the owners than the pets, and given some companies reluctance to adopt video communications in the work place, it may even prove more popular than business video conferencing!

A video conferencing product designed for pets
Manufacturer: Bondgy, Inc