Video conferencing crucial for disaster recovery

Video conferencing could prove vital for companies when it comes to their disaster recovery communications, according to a Wainhouse Research representative.

Speaking to Search Unified Communications, Ira Weinstein – the partner and senior analyst for the market research firm – explained why the benefits of video conferencing extend far beyond the replacement of business travel.

“Video collaboration is about immediate access to global resources for disaster recovery,” Weinstein added. It can help branches of a firm in different time zones keep in touch with developments in the situation and also keep a business going in the event of a disaster, as a company can “only put so many experts in the same place”.

The same can be said for many different industries, the article went on to say and in many different disaster situations. “Now, we can have HD-quality video conferences in an area that may not have towers or even running water,” Weinstein added.

Given that it is tremendously difficult to predict when a national or global disaster might occur, having the technology on hand can combat any difficulties faced in arranging transport to a particular area.

What’s more, combining these video conferencing abilities with a data backup on the cloud could prove to be the perfect disaster recovery combination. Utilising such backup services could help get “multitudes of systems up and running quickly,” revealed.