Video conferencing connects medical specialists

The installation of a video conference facility at Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital will enable it to share its medical expertise with others like never before.

The hospital has installed the Radvision SCOPIA XT1000 video conferencing tool to better connect with the Royal Cornwall and Royal Devon and Exeter Hospitals.

Using the NHS’s N3 national broadband network for linking hospitals, specialist medial providers at Bristol could remotely provide advice and treatments for patients in the South West.

This will save patients time and travel costs, as well as maximising the amount of patients that can be treated says Andy Tometzki, consultant paediatric and foetal cardiologist.

He told “Rapid remote assessment helps to reduce the intense anxiety of the family who would otherwise have stressful and long journey to and from Bristol.”

Tometzki additionally praised the quality of the feed, describing it as “unprecedented”, as he expressed its importance when dealing with very young children.

His colleague, Rob Holmes, a consultant at the Royal Cornwall Hospital added: “I am able to access tertiary centre cardiology expertise easily and efficiently by communicating with the equipment at the Children’s Hospital in Bristol, thereby avoiding the time delays and inefficiency of a patient’s six hour round trip to Bristol.”

According to a news report, cited by, the rollout of the facility will continue throughout the year, adding further video conferencing locations to the map. Hospitals in Torbay and Swindon are due to receive the technology within the next six months.