Video conferencing and video chat grows 72% in UK firms

Digital collaboration methods such as virtual meetings, video conferencing and even video chat services are quickly outpacing traditional forms of communications among UK businesses, according to a survey conducted by Forrester Research.

As reported by Computer Weekly, the use of video conferencing services and other types of video collaboration by UK employees grew by 72% in the past year. Similarly a total of 74% of businesses and enterprises surveyed said that their use of web conferencing tools had grown in comparison to last year.

These findings fulfil some of the predictions made by Forrester for the top technology trends to watch out for over the next three years. Published in PC World Business centre last week, these predictions included widespread use of telepresence and the development of people-centric collaboration platforms.

This move towards virtual communication methods can be partially accounted for by another finding from the report; although most enterprise and SME businesses believe face to face meetings are effective at relationship building, just under half (43%) said they were often inconvenient.

“The survey identifies that there is a real opportunity for virtual collaboration technologies to replace the best aspects of physical meetings, at the same avoiding many of the inefficiencies and frustrations of face-to-face meetings,” say the authors at Forrester Research.

“In response, the best of today’s collaboration tools – incorporating high definition video conferencing for example – can provide the quality of interaction required to help build confidence and trust…making better use of employees’ time and the corporate budget.”