Video conferencing and online shopping

With the constant progressions of technology we find more and more possibilities do take care of things from the comfort of our own home. Online shopping has become extremely popular in the last few years as it enables consumers to avoid crowded stores, queues and dressing rooms. Video conferencing is taking the online shopping experience even a step further as customers can now interact with a stylist live while doing their online shopping.

While browsing the products online customers can request personalized styling advice from a professional. With features such as screen sharing and live zoom customers are provided with a better presentation of the product they are interested in. They can see it up close but also see what the product looks like when worn. The face to face connection makes customers more likely to trust the given advice and it presents a great form of customer support as they can receive direct help with navigation to other pages, saving items and guidance through checkout.

The trend of live video assistance is on the rise and companies have experienced a drastic increase in return to shop frequency.  It is clear that person to person shopping delivers good results and a meaningful experience among the consumers.

However, when deciding to incorporate video-conferencing into your business it is important to go about it the right professional way. Free online solutions like for example Skype may not be the best choice. You want to hear and see your customers clearly, and conduct the conversation without delay of sound and problems with the connection. If you are showing products to a potential buyer the last thing you want is a blurred low quality image. If the client cannot see the product clearly they will be hesitant to make the purchase. A freezing image is also another worry with free software and can be very frustrating, especially if you are talking to a client.

Here at Eyenetwork we specialize in video conferencing. We can connect you with videoconferencing facilities, but we also specialize in secure connections between laptops. We can connect two or more laptops regardless of their location and provide a secure professional meeting with the use of our EyeBridge.  For an uninterrupted, high quality connection with your customers contact Eyenetwork and our friendly staff will be happy to provide you with a quote.