Video conferencing and climate change

A personal view of why we should all be video conferencing from Eyenetwork co-founder Paul Dickinson.

The Fifth Assessment Report of the Inter governmental Panel on Climate Change delivered a shock last month (search Google for IPCC AR5). Two weeks ago I was in Parliament for a briefing and a top government scientists said that by early next century, there is a 50% chance that the temperatures will be as different from today, as today is different from the last ice age. Help! That is so frightening!

I find myself saddened and somewhat despairing at the grim reality this generation is dumping on to their children. But it does not have to be that way. Air, car and train travel can be effectively substituted by video communications and telepresence. Over the 17 years Lisa and I been in business together, many brilliant things have happened.

1. Expensive ISDN has been passing away to be replaced by low or zero cost IP.

2. End points have proliferated, from high end Telepresence Rooms to laptops and even iPads and phones.

3. Video is everywhere, and work is now truly an activity, not a place.

4. Eyenetwork can bridge anything and everything. Who is old enough to remember the old Martini advertisements?  ‘Any time, any place, any where….. there’s a wonderful world you can share….’

Eyenetwork is completely dedicated to cutting the carbon footprint of our clients. Science tells us we have to do this, so let’s follow the wise words of Nike.

Just do it

Or as we used to say when Eyenetwork was first established. Do business, don’t travel….

Paul Dickinson is a co-founder and Director of Eyenetwork, and co-founder and Chair of CDP (see