Video conferencing allows people to telecommute

The growth of video technology has allowed more employees to work from home, according to a new survey.

The poll by Incites Research indicates that 62 per cent of Americans are now working remotely and has cited video technology as a major factor for the rise.

A source from said that growing use of the technology allows businesses to extend their workforce more easily and gives them access to a wider range of potential employees.

The use of video technology allows businesses to attract “top quality” candidates much easier, according to the study.

75 per cent of business managers said that working from home was more acceptable and even sought after due, in part, to development in communication technology.

Transport minister Norman Baker has urged businesses to allow more employees to work from home in order to reduce rush hour traffic.

Speaking to The Guardian, Baker said: “It is crazy these days for people to go to work when work can come to people.”

This could result in a growing acceptance of video conferencing throughout Britain.

The survey concluded that large businesses were 25 per cent more likely to let people work from home compared to very small businesses but predicted that the use of video conferencing would grow throughout businesses of all sizes.