Video conferencing a very useful method for businesses

Video conferencing has become a very useful tool for businesses, according to The Guardian.

Writer Pete Foster made the claim, adding that the technology had made a “significant contribution” to the way businesses can communicate with each other.

He confirmed: “ICT can make a significant contribution to reducing business-related travel through video conferencing, mobile communications and online collaboration tools.”

“Video conferencing has improved immensely in recent years and is now a well-established alternative to physical meetings.”

However he added that there is not much concrete evidence to confirm the actual environmental benefits of video conferencing.

Despite this, much has been written about how video conferencing could help reduce travel across the UK and perhaps throughout the world; so reasonable assumption would suggest that if implemented, video conferencing would in fact reduce the carbon emissions of a company.

Furthermore, video conferencing can also help companies save time, reported.

It claimed that for 90 per cent of businesses, using video conferencing once or twice each week saved them “at least 2 hours of valuable work time a week.”

The site also argued that: “Just about everyone in the business world agrees that video collaboration has great potential to help people work efficiently and reliably when virtual meetings…are necessary or beneficial.”