Video conferencing a “smart investment”

A county council in Scotland has called video conferencing technology a “smart investment”.

Ayrshire Council has recently overhauled its communications technology, with a large drive on the use of video conferencing technology to drive down travel costs in both time and expense.

The scheme was initially set up to make the communications within the council and to other surrounding ones more effective. Under increasing pressure to drive down costs from the Scottish government, Ayr took the mantle and upgraded their entire comms systems. Upon doing so, the council soon realised the savings that the technology was making.

It is thought that many more Scottish councils could take Ayrshire’s lead, as a total of 32 have been warned that they need to bring their costs down.

Speaking to of the technology, Ayrshire County Council’s head of policy, performance and communication, Claire Monaghan explained: “Our starting point was to make efficient use of our telephone system and to integrate it more with IT to create a comprehensive telecommunications network.

“The feedback from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive and it really is transforming the way we work not just in terms of the financial benefits but also delivering carbon savings and giving our employees the flexibility to become more productive.”

Adding, Monaghan told “It is clear that a smart investment in IT can bring far greater benefits in terms of the way we work, the space we use, and the way we communicate.

“We are seeing real benefits from the investment.”